Father's Day.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.

What is Father’s Day? A day to celebrate your father, of course, what else? Maybe a day to remember a lost father, your grandfather(s), etc. Men, who spend their lives making sure you grow up in a world that is safe and warm. Father, Dad, Papa, Peepaw, Grandpa, Bobo, how many names are there? Many, many names.

Think of and Thank these people, who without them, you would not have existed, and for those of you out there that have lost or maybe have never met your father, be a better one to you children to make up for that fact, and women find a better one for your children…add to that missing link, that hole in their heart, that void, that is where the men should have been or could have been, their dad.

Have a Happy Father’s day.
Make a Father happy, or at least try, for those who are hard to please,
it’s the thought that counts, right?


testing testing. 1.2.3. =P