Happy Lei Day.

And so begins the last month of school for some and the beginning of summer vacation for others…May has begun. This also mean my birthday in 27 days…Holla!
Anyway, it’s just crazy to me that I’m fixing to be 19 years old. I mean, yes, there is no significance in that age, i.e. 18, 21, etc…but it just seems insane that I’ve been alive that many years, I guess I’ll be pretty amazed when I turn fifty or something. Life is just a wild ride, it goes by so fast, yet I can remember 10 years ago like it happened yesterday, amazing the memories. One smell, taste, sound, can just send me spiralling back to kindergarten, playing with those ‘new’ plastic milk bags that everyone, of course, played squirt gun with, or climbing the jungle gym in 3rd grade and getting stuck upside down, to 4th grade, acidentally choosing Queen Elizabeth to do my ‘dress up’ biography presentation and getting stuck with it, to graduation and that overwhelming feeling of ‘What now?’. Life is amazing. I just have one thing to say. DON’T WASTE IT. So many people I know just waste life away, myself included on some parts, by just sitting around and doing nothing, when you could be outside in the real world enjoying some great experiences, even if it is just hanging with friends, or taking pictures of random things, or watching the sunset, anything but nothing, you know?

Now get out there and do something.

(i enjoy driving my aunt’s solstice…even if just once)

here's my proof.

best, I think...