view the colors.

White, black, good, bad.
Why is this the way?
Why is racism still here today?
Why was it before?
Where did it start?
Obviously not from God, he has a heart.

People have souls,
People have rights,
Must people take these away?
From their mothers, brothers,
Sisters, and dads…
We are all from the same.
A beat, a breath, a cry out loud.

Today should be the day,
You change your way.

Be the same, yet unique. See your color.
It is the same. Black and white; GOOD.
All colors; GRAND.

i’d so buy this. rockband FTW. (guitar hero just announced next version will include other instruments. meh.) (and…in case they didn’t realize, the graphics they used are GUITAR…)

this is what you do when you can’t sleep. play with your camera.