topic : sex

is it just me? obviously not. sex is everywhere these days. every other commercial is about herpes or some STD or some riskee show that’s going to be on, that oddly everyone has to watch. it’s just so weird to me. everything seems to be about it. especially being the age i am, 18, it is everywhere. all the guys talk about it, all the girls talk about how the guys want it, and whether or not they gave in. wow. maybe i’m just old fashioned, but i don’t think it should be the way it is. i know everyone has their own view, well, mine is that it shouldn’t. i think that all these kids are being brought into the world of sex and drugs way too early, shit, i can remember in 7th grade guys talking about having sex…that’s just creepy to me. i mean we were kids back then, that shouldn’t be happening, you know? sex is supposed to be sacred, between a married couple…which i know a lot of people, if they actually read this, would not agree, but that’s just the way i see it. obviously they don’t realize that that is the whole reason of not having sex with everyone, it is supposed to be sacred, and of course, if you have sex with one person, then you get married to another person, you have someone else to compare them to. if you don’t sleep around, you wouldn’t have that. obviously all religions have a different view on that, but i’m christian and that’s what i believe. i also feel sorry for all the parents these days that are so clueless of what their kids do everyday. it’s horrible some of the things i have heard from other kids, of course i wouldn’t tell them to their face, but my god, people, you just don’t realize how you ruin your future when you do these things. sex, drugs, etc. idk, i just haven’t had an urge to do drugs, i mean sex, obviously everyone has that urge, haha, but drugs, never have i wanted to do drugs, beer, even, the only reason i ever drank it was because of peer pressure, everyone else was egg/agging me on, so i drank it, and didn’t like it, and of course, that makes me a loser, cause i don’t like to drink? last time i checked you don’t judge a person’s character on whether or not they don’t drink.

 okay, so that’s officially my rant for today. g’nite.

try it.

i want to write.