yes, I typed the title that way, it’s not a code problem.
The letters do stand for something…usually spake by a turrets syndrome victim.

anyway…i’m just really pissed right now, because myself being the ‘tech savvy’ person in the family, am trying to fix my brother’s virus laiden computer, once the family computer that worked perfectly fine. It seems that the four sailor room-mates he had, all liked to use his computer for their own ‘personal’ needs, i.e. PORN. Freakin-A guys, buy a magazine…at least you can’t get a virus from that…and then your room-mate won’t have to go ask his brother to fix his computer that all the sudden is a ‘piece of shit’, yet it worked fine a few weeks ago.
Anyway, to give you a brief look at what the virus does. It takes over iexplore.exe and replaces it with the same application, and it also redirects you to the hackers own intranet that shows you only their approved sites, and then they trick innocent person’s (i.e. my brother) into buying their anti-virus products to fix the problem they created in the first place, and they get you to buy that product with their credit card, and they sell your info or use it themselves….WOW. isn’t that amazing…

Here’s a clue, hackers. If you maybe spend that time doing something positive, the world would be a better place, and you wouldn’t end up in prison at forty-five because you wanted to be all l33t or whatever.

Get a life.

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Serenity. omg.