dear santa.

little girl: Santa, I want a barbie, and a cell phone, and a new laptop, and some new clothes; pink preferably, and some money.
Santa: Why do you want so many things, little one?
little girl: Oh Santa, these things aren't all for me. The phone is for my cousin, who's dad is in Iraq and she doesn't get to talk to him too often, and the laptop is for my Aunt who's starting a new business, the barbie is for my little sister, she cut all of the hair off of the ones I have, and I think she wants another. The pink clothes are for my friend, Jessi, she's in the hospital, and she gets so cold, with the chemo and all, and she loves pink, they'll match her bandanna and hats. And the money is for my next door neighbor, they can't afford a new roof, since their insurance won't help them pay for it and they have bad leaks.
Santa: Wow, that is very thoughtful of you to think of those people instead of yourself. Where did you learn of such a thing?
little girl: You might know him...Jesus.
Santa: I'll bet I can work on all of those for you, but I can't get you a better gift than you already have.
little girl: what gift?
Santa: you might know him...
© Waylan Bolin 2008

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