oh! oh! oh! here it comes.

pun intended.

It’s here, the holiday time. It’s inevitable, I think that it comes 48 hours earlier each year, so about mid August next year, be looking for the Christmas sales. Oh, I’m not griping either. I love Christmas. I just hate the whole industry part of it. It’s not all about gifts…the idea behind it is even getting a little rusty. As I learned the whole gift concept was about Jesus in the first place. He gave his life for us, it’s just a small example of what he did, now it is all whacked up and every is competing for who can get the best gift, etc. Who freakin’ cares?! i just can’t wait for this time so I can spend some genuine time with family, since every other holiday and such, we are all strung apart, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s that one time, that every is actually looking forward to big hugs and sitting down and talking and sharing about the good and bad times you had that year and to looking forward and hoping for the best in the following one to come.

Just remember folks to enjoy the real gifts, your family and friends, and the life, the gift that Jesus gave you. Not some crappy candle from the dollar store your Aunt got you or some gift card to Target….the real gift.

enough cheesy stuff.

Have a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, all of the above and/or whatever your significant religious holiday is…. =)
no discrimination here.


looking forward.