looking forward.

it’s hard to look forward. everything is happening so quickly, no one can predict the future. it is unpredictable. analyze this and analyze that, it all comes to nothing. the future is nothing but a blur. Gas has dropped, yet car sells aren’t budging. Everyone is afraid, what is to behold in the next few years. No I’m not being political, I’m just being human, and asking the question, if change keeps coming, will it be for the good, or for the bad? Who knows, but we’ll still keep going, throught the good or the bad, we’re still Americans, we’re still a God fearing people, a nation that stands taller than any, and will continue to, because we all believe it ok, maybe that was a little political…eh. Don’t let the future get you down, keep on going, just pray at night, that on the other side, it only gets better, and remember no matter what, in the real end, it not only gets better, it’s the best. ©waylanbolin haha

oh! oh! oh! here it comes.

lol. I’ve always loved SNL, but these new shorts are winning me over eve more. =)