electionism...is umm...bummerism.

I’m sorry people, but this election is driving me up the wall. It sucks because I actually get to vote, and put forth who I think would be a better president.

Honestly…I kind of think the two choices we have aren’t good enough.
That’s my opinion, okay. I don’t feel like we’re gonna be well out of this hell-hole that is our economy anytime within the next eight years, so that makes the choice that much harder. I can’t understand how either candidate can stand behind a podium and in front of the American people and say that our country will be better because they are going to make tax cuts, etc, when we just sat through a fight the last couple of weeks about how we’re bailing out people with over $700 Billion…

I just don’t buy it, No. I can’t buy it. (if i could, i don’t have the money anyway)


Dayumm, that girl got her shit together. britney is fine again…Keep it up Britney. We like this version of you.