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Project: A Better Me

        So my goal with this new project, is to basically give my life an overhaul. I have been in a 'just getting by' kind of lifestyle almost all of my life. Sadly yes, it has taken me this long to realize I want better. I have been through a lot of learning experiences, and seen or experienced some vicariously. Regardless, I want to start over and get things rolling. You are more than welcome to join me in this journey.
  Really the main point in this project of mine, is to set goals, and achieve them. You would think we do this, and we do, but most of the time we just go with what we're dealt instead of going above and beyond, or even trying just a little bit harder. I'm ready for the extra challenge, are you?

A few of the goals I have put down, and are catered specifically to me are below:

  • Go back to the gym (Mon, Wed, & Fri) (if you follow my facebook you know I stuck to this one)
  •  No sodas at all (not even for a reward/treat) Drink Water Only (tea as a reward)
  • No fast food at all (if going out, dine-in only, eat half or less of the servings, save for later)
  • Get a better job OR go back to school
  • Decide where you want to move & MAKE A PLAN
  • No snacking unless it's healthy! (snacking adds up fast!)
  • No more negativity! (no gossiping, journal your bad thoughts or get an agreed upon vent buddy)
  • No more lying! (if you lie, admit it and ask for forgiveness)
  • Publicly apologize for past wrongdoings (kind of like AA) I'm doing this on facebook later...
  • Try to curse less (if it's not really needed, don't do it)
  • "EAT TO LIVE, DON'T LIVE TO EAT (think sus·te·nance)

  There are more, some more personal that I want to put on a blog for everyone to see...but these can just serve as an example. Obviously the point here is all about me, BUT it will affect others too, by my having a better attitude, better health, better habits, etc.

  I just would like to invite whoever that would like to join me in this endeavor, to hop right on the train to a better you.  Cheesy, I know...but I'm really trying to make a change here for the better, and it's always more likely to work when you have someone doing the same.

Thanks for reading,


So...I grew up a little bit.

     So, I went for the job at Target. I got it. I actually applied for cashier, but got a job in the Electronics and Hardlines. So that was better than expected. Now once I actually start making a decent check again, I can try and get this life back into gear. Right now, I feel so useless, because I can't pay for much at all. I'm still looking for a 'better' job. I like it at Target, no lie, but I can't see myself working there forever, it's just not for me. It'll do until I can find something better, or perhaps, I will ask for less hours and apply back to school. Lord knows, it is hard to get a good job that pays well anywhere, especially if you don't have an education. Most jobs I have been pondering applying for I think I could do, but they all require that you have a degree of some sort.

Well, that's it for this little vent blog.

PEACE -- Way 


I really need to grow up…

     Not that I’m not mature or anything, but I will say that I’m not very well acquainted with the ‘outside world’ per say. I have only had one job my entire life, and that job is one that came into my hands because it is with family. I have always leaned to the safer choices in life, not that it’s bad to do that, but it always ends up with you not taking chance, and usually just leading a boring life. I have been trying more and more to take chances, and I’m slowly learning that it isn’t as scary as my mind wants me to think it is.
     Soon I need to take a huge step, for me, and find a new job. It doesn’t have to be a crazy job, but just something different, because otherwise, I’m going to find myself in the same place in ten years…and I know that’s not what I want. I also need to go back to school. I’ve come to find out, that if I want a better choice of jobs anyhow, that I need a higher education to back me up. Otherwise, it’s fast food, or customer service, and honestly, I don’t think I could handle a life of that kind of work…I depress easily, and just thinking about doing that forever makes me feel ill.
     So anywho, that’s the thoughts for tonight.

wish me luck--



It's 2012. We're still here!

     Big surprise...obviously the end of the world isn't going to come when we expect it...Anywho:
So it is Twenty-Twelve. The big Two Oh One Two.
     Hmmm, so what should be the goals this year? Well, first of all, since I'm actually kind of feeling like a normal human being, I think I am going to try and go back to school this year. Most likely to Cisco, I just don't know if I can make myself go back to an online college after I got jipped hardcore by an online school called, Kaplan University =P. They suck hardcore. They are ridiculously expensive for what you learn, I can't believe they are actually still in business. I'm in major debt and have no education, thanks to them, so beware, if you were thinking about going there.
     I planned on moving to Austin, or the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this year, around now, but I don't know how that is even going to wise, etc. If I want to do it, I'm probably just going to have to get into even more debt. That's how it goes, I guess. I feel like this town is so small...I guess truly it's what you make of it, but I think in the bigger cities, it's like if you go any direction, there is something to do. Here I feel like there's one thing every once in a while, and it's something not that great. Meh. Don't get me wrong, Abilene is a great town, but I guess you just have to be made for it...We'll see how it goes for me.

Well, That's all for now, seeing as I haven't blogged in SO FRAKKIN' long, I'll try to keep sticking to it, at least to vent, if nothing else...a public diary/journal, if you will. PEACE

& Happy New Year to you all...

May it be a great and prosperous one
-- Way 


A switch clicked.

        I don't know what happened, or why, but one day a switch just clicked. I used to be so unhappy when I was around people, and I would get depressed and would love to be alone, by myself, in my room, sitting in my own pile of self pity.
        As of late, I have changed so much, into a better person. It's so strange, but suddenly, when I'm alone, is when I get depressed, I love to be around people now. I missed out on so much, for so many years, because of being depressed and wanting to be alone, instead of being social. Sad thing is, I can't change the past, but I can damn well change the future. So if you see me out and about, come up to me, I would love to see you. Yes, I might still be a little shy, but most of the time, I'm not anymore. I want to get outside, I love driving around, or just doing anything but being alone...Not my thing anymore. TRUST that.

Peace -- Way